Monday, December 15, 2008

Back again...


Ok, that makes me feel a little better.

Insane kitty is getting wise to the "medicine hidden in the food" trick, and I had to catch her without her being medicated. Got her to the vet, and it's not what we had originally though (infection with abcess). Test results for fungal infection (ringworm) should be back today, but we expect it to be negative. Now, assuming it is negative, we just have to catch her twice a day to put ointment on it and hope it heals...

On the technical side, I've mentioned my favorite C compiler before. It really is.

I've been using it long enough so that my fingers "think" in this dialect. And a few years ago, I found myself doing (as usual) a big project in DeSmet C. And started thinking about C compilers and playing with them.

So, I went on a hunt for the source to the compiler (the compiler vendor had long since vanished). With a little help from Google and Superpages, I managed to find the people, and recovered the source.

But the one thing I couldn't get was the source to the version I use all the time, and the most common version out there -- version 2.51 (found around the net as PCC 1.2d). So, a while back I started re-creating it. I'll talk more about that next time.


Shin said...

I never think twice about eating anything...
I'd be had.

Do you consider yourself an artisan?
Because I'd consider you one.

I feel as if "good" programming is nearly a lost art.

With the "forward" advances in technology it seems there is an uphill battle against inefficiency.

"With more space and even less time even you C students can be Bill Gates too."

While I appreciate the gaps Gates has been able to close for the everyday user, I cannot idolize him for the use bridges to span puddles.

Bill said...

If you watch a "science fiction" movie, you will notice that software magically appears and just works.

Management wants software to work like that, and companies are trying to make it happen.

But it will be a sad day when actually undestanding what you are doing becomes useless.